Product Guidance guaraBrown

Drainage Layer:

  • GuaraDRAIN drainage sheet
  • Thickness = 6-15mm
  • Can be cut and shaped around particular details

Geotextile Filter Fleece:

  • Recycled multi-coloured polyester
  • Weight = 300 g/m2
  • Laid above and below drainage layer

Low Nutrient Growing Medium:

  • Crushed brick/rubble (60-80%)
  • Locally sourced marine aggregate and grit (5-10%)
  • Growing medium (10-20%)
  • Wood mulch (10-20%)


  • A basic sedum, wildflower seeds are planted with native/local plants
  • A natural sustainable habitat can be created
  • Very low maintenance and no irrigation required
  • Opportunities to recycle site waste in substrate (this must be tested prior to being used as GuaraBROWN Roofing System)

Maximum Roof Slope:

  • 15°

– Product Reference: Component Brown Roof System
– Drainage Layer: GuaraDRAIN (6-15mm)
– Growing Medium: Low Nutrient
– Fertiliser: Not Required

(Required: Sedum/wildflower blanket or plug planted shrubs, wildflower seed mix)
– Vegetation: Sedum/wildflower mix
– Vegetation Barrier 20-40mm washed pebbles

GuaraMET retainer
– Outlet Inspection Chamber GuaraSPECT inspection chamber (500 x 500 x 100mm)