Guaranteed Asphalt: all under one roof
The UK’s sole manufacturer/installers mastic asphalt and hot melt monolithic membranes

GuaraFLEX R (including GuaraTEC hot melt), GuaraFLEX P and GuaraGREEN

Our BBA certified range of polymer modified mastic asphalt products, manufactured at our plant in Corby, Northants is produced to the strictest quality control guidelines. For roofs, basement tanking, walkways & balconies and rooftop car park decks, this suite of products is proven over the last twenty years.

All of our products are produced and our systems audited to ISO-9001 standards to satisfy The British Standards Institute and The British Board of Agrement.

This rigorous approach ensures continuous quality and peace of mind. When we carry out works with our own material, we are secure in the knowledge that your project will be a success.

We have carried this philosophy forward into our newest products, GuaraTEC and GuaraGREEN.