Hot Melt

hot-meltGuaranteed Asphalt: all under one roof

The UK’s sole manufacturer/installers of hot melt monolithic membranes

GuaraTEC monolithic roofing system is a one part, hot melt, self-healing membrane. Manufactured from a blend of polymer-modified bitumen, natural rubber and ultra-light fillers, the membrane is reinforced with a high tensile heat-resistant polyester fabric to provide exceptional strength and flexibility as well as giving excellent adhesion to almost any substrate.

After first cleaning and preparing the deck, the first 3mm bituminous layer is applied (usually with a squeegee seen in picture, right) the polyester reinforcing fleece is then laid over the warm first coat, and then the second 3mm layer is applied.

The membrane is usually then covered by our tough and durable protection sheet, GuaraFELT PS, a 4.8kg/m2 high performance covering.

This system can be used in a cold or inverted configuration. It can be further protected in conjunction with our own GuaraFLEX systems to give unparalleled protection and flexibility to the waterproofing layer. Our design team can work with architects to help design the best and most suitable system for your project.

GuaraTEC is a fully-bonded system so should there be any water ingress, the water will not track. Therefore the source of the leak can be easily traced.

From podiums to balconies, walkways to roofs, our GuaraTEC system can get your project in the dry and rolling ahead of schedule. As we control the manufacture and delivery of the material to our projects, we are never waiting on outside suppliers.

If there is a need to change any of the specifications on-site, we can adapt immediately. We hold BBA Certification for three systems including waterproofing, roofing and paving works.

Combined, these mean that we can tackle the most technically difficult waterproofing situations without requiring any outside assistance.

  • No waiting
  • Highly flexible
  • Lower costs from having a single supplier
  • Multiple system combinations
  • Manufacturing and Installing expertise

We schedule. We deliver. We install. Simple.